The 20 Best Keto Curry Recipes

Warming, spicy, satisfying, indulgent perhaps? There’s an ideal curry for any time of year, and in this article we’re going to give you 20 brilliant keto curry recipes to enjoy that delicious spice, while keeping the carb count low.

A good curry, is fragrant, well spiced and richly flavored, something all these recipes have in common. The key ingredient of course, is the spices, and in a minute we’ll take a look at a few of the key spices that turn up again and again, and why they’re such a great addition, to any diet, let alone the Keto diet.

Often the problem area for eating curry on the keto diet, isn’t necessarily the curry itself, but the accompaniments.

There’s nothing I used to love more than a Tikka Masala curry, with piles of rice, naan breads, popadoms, roti and more on the side. The curry itself was actually mostly protein and fat, but I was pairing it with plate after plate of carby sides.

So before we get into our list of great, low carb curry recipe, a couple of tips:

Keeping Your Curry Low Carb

  • Ditch the Rice: Most curries tend to come with rice, either Jasmine or sticky rice in the case of South-East asian cuisine, or a Pilau, basmati rice in India and nearby. So first thing we need to do is swap these out for a more keto friendly alternative. Cauliflower is the go to here, so check out recipes for that, you can flavor this up as well to complement the main dish.
    If you’re eating out with friends, and ordering a curry, then swap the rice out for a salad or similar, and skip any breads for sure
  • Try a Low Carb Naan: I love a naan bread, something I miss a lot when eating an indian meal, but there are some great low carb recipes these days for naan. I’m not suggesting these are a perfect replica, but they’re still perfect for mopping up you curry. Try this recipe from Wholesum Yum.

Why Eat Curry on the Keto Diet?

People eating a keto diet are generally wanting to improve their health by losing weight, a great goal to have. But eating nutritious food is about a lot more than weight control, just eating bacon and cheese may help you lose some weight if done right, but it’s not really going to make you much healthier.

Curries can be packed with nutrition, they’re a great opportunity to experiment and add more green vegetables and other non-starchy veg to your diet. The robust flavors of curry are great for introducing foods you’re not so keen on into your diet, reducing the impact of the flavor from say, cauliflower or broccoli for those that aren’t keen.

Then come the spices. There are so many spices that we couldn’t hope to cover them all, but a few key ones are here below, all of which come with some great potential health benefits making them a worthwhile addition to your meal plan.

20 of Our Favorite Keto Curry Recipes

So there you have it, 20 great keto curry recipes, to keep you loaded up with spices all year round.

Let us know if you have any particular favorites in the comments below, or maybe you have your own keto curry recipe that you’d like to share with us?

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