Looking for the Best Keto Snack Ideas? Here’s the Definitive List

Whilst the keto diet can be very filling and satisfying, there are times when we just can’t escape our cravings! The list below will give you some of the best, no-prep keto snacks to have on hand for those moments of weakness.

The No Prep Keto Snack List

Especially in the first few weeks on a keto diet as we transition to full ketosis, cravings for carbs can at times be really strong.

That’s why I like to have a bunch of these various snacks in my pantry at all times. Being prepared is key to your success on the keto diet, as it’s not so easy to find keto foods out and about, with vending machines full of high carb snacks trying to tempt you.

If you’re new to keto, have a read through the list and pick out 2 or 3 things that you particularly like, and stock up! I like to keep a mixture of sweet and savory keto snacks on had to combat any cravings that may pop up.

Have a think about what carb snacks you previously snacked on, and what your trigger may be that lead to cravings. Then use this list to find some snacks you think might be able to fill that gap.

I’m sure this list has something for almost everyone, but if there’s something you crave that can’t be replaced by this list let me know in the comments and we’ll try and come up with something! Got your own favorite keto snacks? Let us know in the comments below!

Macadamia, Brazil and Pecan Nuts

keto snacks - nuts and seeds make a great low carb snack on a keto diet

Stick with these three nuts if you’re going to be eating them in any large quantity (although that’s not to say you should avoid others altogether! Although you may need to watch the carbohydrate count with some others) Macadamias in particular are a great source of monounsaturated fats and are low in inflammatory omega-6 fats. They’re packed with nutrition and especially high in magnesium, iron and thiamin making them a great, healthy keto snack.

With all nuts, portion control is really important. Nuts are so nutritionally dense and very high in calories which makes it really easy to overeat. Remember that for weight loss we need to consume less calories than we burn, and 100g of Macadamias contain 720 calories!

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky makes a great, on the go keto snack. The trick is to look for a low-carb product without a long list off added ingredients, especially any added sugars.

A typical beef jerky stick will be about 6-7g of fat, but also 5-6g of protein, so whilst these make a great on snack when you’re out and about, stick to one or two max at a time to avoid eating too much protein. These make a great post or pre-workout snack on the way to or from the gym.

Cheese Strings

I love cheese strings, in fact I love all cheeses…too much. Look for a full fat versions only, with minimal added ingredients and especially carbs. I keep a bunch of these in the fridge at all times as a lazy snack on my way to work if i’m not fasting.

Peanut Butter and Other Nut Butters

nut butters are an ideal keto snack

Nut butters are a great way to boost your fat macros for the day, just make sure you’re buying a quality product first. You want to avoid any with added vegetable oils and palm oils, or any added polyunsaturated oils. It goes without saying but run a mile from any with added sugar!

Almond and macadamia nut butter are higher in healthy fats, although I can’t help reaching for my favorite, peanut butter!

I’ll mix nut butters into smoothies, eat them off the spoon, or smear almond butter onto a celery stick for a low carb, crunchy snack (tip: try sprinkling a tiny bit of cinnamon on these!). Whilst not strictly a nut butter (it’s got MCT oil and coconut butter in it too) this nut butter snack from Perfect Keto is great for dipping, with a lighter consistency than most nut butters.

Dark, Dark Chocolate

Extra dark chocolate is a great keto snack food

Not to be confused with it’s milky cousin, dark chocolate can actually be quite good for you and a delicious keto snack. Dark chocolate is packed with flavanols, which have been shown to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Look for dark chocolate that is at least 80% Cocoa Solids, even higher if you can get it and like the taste. Unlike milk chocolate this can be quite bitter tasting so can be an acquired taste. I definitely find quality becomes more important, as I’ve had low quality 80% dark chocolate that was incredibly bitter, and 100% cocoa that was smooth and flavorful.

If bitter’s not your thing then you could go for a stevia sweetened dark chocolate as a tasty keto snack that can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Seaweed Based Snacks

Roasted seaweed snacks are a great alternative to chips without the carbs. Avoid any with added carbs but otherwise these are ideal for a packed lunch, to bring some crunch which is often missing on a keto diet.

I like mine just with sea salt like these, but there are a bunch of other flavorings, just watch the carbs!

Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs, much like dark chocolate are very nutrient dense with flavanols, and come with the added bonus of fibre, something we often forget to consume on a keto diet.

The crunch from these is something I often crave on a keto diet, with all the soft textures from cheeses and avocados etc. I mix cacao nibs with almonds and other nuts to graze on in front of the tv.

Protip: like nuts, it’s easy to overeat these – if I’m going to sit and graze on these I’ll pour a portion out rather than eat them from the bag, that way I can actually control how much I eat. If I don’t do that I’ll just keep eating until they’re gone!

Go for organic, Criollo nibs for high quality, like these


keto snacks - avocados are a great low carb quick snack

Avocados are one of natures best keto snacks! Packed with nutrition and in their own handy wrapper for transport, I like to just sprinkle a little salt and pepper, a splash of good extra virgin olive oil and tuck in with a spoon.

Avocados have a host of health benefits and nutrition, with a high dose of healthy mono-unsaturated fats, potassium and importantly fibre, something it’s easy to miss on a keto diet. These healthy keto snacks can lower cholesterol and triglycerides and may improve heart health.

For more ways to get these super fruits into your diet try this selection of great keto avocado recipes!

Tinned Sardines

As a keto snack, tinned sardines come highly recommended amongst many in the keto community such as Tim Ferriss and keto researcher Dominic D’Agostino. They’re packed with healthy fats and nutrients, whilst being zero carb. Get some packed in olive oil to keep things extra fatty. I personally like smoked fish a lot for the added flavor so would the lightly smoked sardines from Wild Planet.

Be sure to avoid sardines packed in any sort of sauce (eg: marinara) whilst they taste good, the sauce is likely full of added carbs and sugar.

Pork Rinds

As a replacement for chips, pork rinds are brilliant. Salty and crunchy but without the carbs, these are a pretty indulgent low carb snack (so don’t go mad and eat bag after bag!). There are a lot of poor brands out there with lots of added ingredients and that fry the rinds in bad oils.

Go for a quality product with a minimal list of ingredients, quality over quantity is best here! These rinds from Utz have just two ingredients, pork and salt!

Kale Chips

These are a great, very low calorie, highly nutritious keto snack to give you some crunch and crispiness often lacking on a fat heavy keto diet. Be sure to avoid products with added sugars and additives to keep your net carb count for the day down.




olives are a nutritious and healthy keto snack

Olives make a delicious keto snack, ideal for grazing in front of the tv, or to serve guests. Olives contain healthy monounsaturated fats as well as well as fibre and vitamins.

Avoid olives packed in anything other than brine or olive oil (ie: avoid other vegetable oils) and those that come packed with other ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes etc.

Pepperoni Sticks/Slices

Pair these with a hard cheese for a delicious keto snack. Preserved meats are all highly processed so it’s generally best to limit these to occasional snacks.

Look for high quality products like organic and hormone free salamis and pepperonis, also trying to avoid those with added maltodextrin, dextrose and other unhealthy preservatives.


Cheese can be a tasty keto snack on a low carb diet

First off, I’m addicted to parmesan, which goes great with the pepperoni above. Hard cheeses, like parmesan can be good keto snacks but tend to be a bit higher in protein if you’re being very strict with your keto macros (they are delicious though….)

For a more macro friendly approach go for softer cheeses like mascarpone or cream cheese. I dip celery into these for some low carb crunch when I get hungry.

Cheese Crisps

Even easier to snack on than cheese? Cheese crisps! These baked cheese crisps from Whisps are a keto friendly alternative to chips with all the crunch and none of the carbs.

These are great to have in the cupboard for a quick keto snack when hunger strikes, they come in a bunch of different flavors too just watch for any products that add sugar in. It’s always worth reading the label!

Quest Bars

Quest bars aren’t completely carb free, so you’ll need to watch your net carb intake for the day and don’t go mad on these. But as a post workout snack or breakfast bar if you’re in a hurry these are ideal. Get them here.

NuGo Smarte Bars

Similar to quest bars these are pretty low carb, with 2g net carbs per serving. There isn’t much fat in these so not great as a meal replacement, but as a low carb alternative to candy and chocolate bars they’re a good substitute keto snack. Get them here.

Easy Keto Snacks FTW!

It’s not often I find myself with time to prepare a keto snack in advance, much as I love to. Problem is I never know when a craving may strike. It’s one of things that has diminished as I’ve spent longer eating a ketogenic diet, but in the early days was a common occurrence.

At the end of the day, the important thing is to make sure that when hunger or cravings strike, you’ve got a strategy in place to deal with them whilst staying keto friendly. These are the times when most people struggle most and fall off the keto wagon.

A little preparation will go a long way to keeping you on your keto journey. Get that pantry stocked up and ready to go with these no-prep keto snacks and go about your day, confident you want slip.

Got a little more time? Then why not try preparing some keto snacks in advance! I personally like a savory snack more so this list of the best savory keto fat bombs is a great start.

Alternatively if hunger strikes I find a smoothie is probably one of the quickest things I can prepare to satisfy that itch. Try this selection of my favorite keto smoothie recipes for some liquid inspiration!

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