About I Eat Keto

Hi there, and welcome to I Eat Keto, it’s great to have you here!

IEatKeto.com was set up with the hope of helping others on their journey with the Keto Diet, and to share our recipes and ideas from our own experiences with eating a low carb, high fat diet.

The recipes and articles on this site are here to help you find the best fit for eating a low carb diet and fitting it in with your lifestyle. If you’ve got any questions or are in need of encouragement, then drop us an any time to: [email protected]

Our Approach to Keto

The keto diet is a pretty extreme change to how you eat, not something to be taken lightly or done without a little thought. Because it’s so radical it comes in for a lot of criticism, a lot of which is right.

As a diet which promotes fat and protein over carbs, you see a lot of people eating exclusively eggs, butter, bacon etc. and losing track of the bigger picture of nutrition and what constitutes a healthy diet.

Whilst our aim on a keto diet is to get into a state of nutrional ketosis – here we try to add in a few other principles into our own diet, and these are something that we try to focus more on here at IEatKeto going forward. Beyond reaching ketosis, we think eating a keto diet should include the following aims:

  • Each meal should be cooked from scratch using natural ingredients and avoiding highly processed foods
  • The focus should be on complete nutrition in each meal – rather than just blindly following macros – fiber, type of fat, vitamins and minerals are all critical too to good health
  • Eating enough nutritious greens and vegetables should be given as much importance as eating enough fat
  • For a bunch of reasons – moderate animal products, in particular red meat shouldn’t make up the bulk of a meals calories
  • Add in exercise to complement and augment the diet – understand that diet is part of a bigger puzzle and that doing one part right, doesn’t mean completely ignoring the rest
  • Reset your relationship with food – this is the big one. Initially you may want to try to recreate some of your favorite treats and candy as low carb versions – but long term you should be trying to get away from these trigger foods. We know from experience how easy it is to slip back into bad habits when faced with temptation!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy the recipes and articles you find here at IEatKeto – get in touch, leave a comment or follow us on instagram or pinterest.

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