Looking for Vegan Keto Recipes? Here’s 20 Vegan Keto Dinners

Sticking to a keto diet can be tough at times for even the most flexible omnivore. In an effort to hit the very high fat requirements needed to reach ketosis, most ketoers consume plenty of dairy, fatty meats and eggs for a fatty boost, but not everyone wants to go down this route, enter the vegan keto diet!

For vegans, who aren’t consuming any animal products, the keto diet can pose a particular challenge and needs a little lateral thinking to get their fat intake high and carbs low. This post will give you 20 keto friendly vegan dinners to add to your repertoire and benefit from the low carb, high fat way of eating!

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In contrast to the typical, animal based keto diet with it’s high fat levels, a typical vegan diet often consists of a significant portion of grains and high calorie carbohydrates, often with a high carbohydrate to fat ratio.

If we’re going to adapt a vegan diet to be keto friendly we need to really up our intake of a selection of higher fat vegetables etc. and cut down on carb heavy ones. Avocados and nuts are great sources of healthy fats to include along with nut and olive oils, and coconut (For more avocado recipes try this round up for some great ideas).

Embracing Vegan Keto – Top Tips for Success

Embarking on a vegan keto journey may seem challenging at first. However, with the right planning and understanding, you can navigate this path successfully. Here are some top tips for thriving on a vegan keto diet.

1. Understanding the Basics

Before starting your vegan keto diet, understand what it entails. In essence, a vegan keto diet is a plant-based diet that incorporates the principles of ketogenic eating, i.e., low-carb, moderate protein, and high fat.

2. Planning Your Meals

Meal planning is key to a successful vegan keto diet. Having a clear plan helps you ensure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients and maintaining the right macronutrient balance. Look for plant-based foods that are high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs.

3. Including High-Quality Fats

Since the vegan keto diet is a high-fat diet, it’s crucial to include plenty of high-quality fats. Avocados, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, and olive oil are excellent sources of healthy fats.

4. Prioritizing Plant-Based Proteins

Although it can be challenging to find plant-based proteins that are low in carbs, it’s not impossible. Foods like tofu, tempeh, seitan, and certain legumes can be part of your vegan keto meal plan.

5. Incorporating Low-Carb Vegetables

Low-carb vegetables are an essential part of the vegan keto diet. Choose leafy greens like spinach and kale, and other vegetables like cauliflower, zucchini, and bell peppers.

6. Checking for Hidden Carbs

Hidden carbs can sneak into your diet from unexpected sources, especially in processed or packaged foods. Always read food labels to avoid any unwanted carbs.

7. Staying Hydrated and Replenishing Electrolytes

A keto diet can initially lead to water loss, making hydration essential. Additionally, replenishing electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and magnesium can help avoid symptoms of the “keto flu.

8. Consulting a Dietitian

Finally, when making significant dietary changes, it’s always a good idea to consult a registered dietitian. They can provide personalized advice to help ensure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients while following a vegan keto diet.

Embarking on a vegan keto journey is a unique path that combines two distinct dietary approaches. It may seem challenging initially, but with the right understanding and planning, it can become a satisfying and health-promoting lifestyle.

Read on for 20 great Vegan Keto recipes for dinner

We’ve selected 20 brilliant ketogenic diet friendly vegan dinners to try here for you, give them a try and let us know your thoughts. Got any favorites among these? Or perhaps got some tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below:

Vegan keto needn’t be hard

So there’s 20 animal free keto dinners, it’s clear you can still get great variety in your diet and plenty of fats whilst keeping vegan.

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I’m planning to put together a bunch of vegan keto recipes in the coming months, any vegan ketoers out there let me know any tips or tricks you’ve got for low carb high fat living without the meat!

Vegan Keto Diet: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vegan keto diet?

A vegan keto diet combines the principles of veganism and the ketogenic diet. It involves eating plant-based, high-fat, low-carbohydrate foods while avoiding animal products.

Is it possible to get enough protein on a vegan keto diet?

Yes, it’s possible to get enough protein on a vegan keto diet. There are several plant-based sources of protein that are low in carbs, such as tempeh, tofu, and certain types of legumes.

What types of fats are included in a vegan keto diet?

The vegan keto diet includes high-quality plant-based fats. Avocados, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, and olive oil are excellent sources of healthy fats.

Can you eat fruits on a vegan keto diet?

While many fruits are high in carbs and should be limited on a vegan keto diet, some fruits, such as berries, are low in carbs and can be included in moderation.

What are some common foods to avoid on a vegan keto diet?

Foods to avoid on a vegan keto diet include high-carb fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, sugar, and processed foods. It’s important to read labels to check for hidden carbs.

What are the potential benefits of a vegan keto diet?

Potential benefits include weight loss, improved blood sugar control, and potential heart health benefits due to the inclusion of plant-based foods and elimination of animal products.

Do I need to take supplements on a vegan keto diet?

Depending on your individual needs and the variety of foods you consume, you may need to consider supplements for nutrients like vitamin B12, Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and possibly others. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Can I eat out while on a vegan keto diet?

Yes, you can eat out on a vegan keto diet, but it might require some planning. Many restaurants offer vegan or keto options, and with some customization, you can stick to your vegan keto eating plan.

How can I ensure I’m getting enough fiber on a vegan keto diet?

High-fiber, low-carb foods are your best bet. Include plenty of leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds, and avocados in your diet. Remember to check the net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) to stay within your daily carb limit.

Can a vegan keto diet help with weight loss?

A vegan keto diet, like any well-planned diet, can contribute to weight loss by creating a calorie deficit. Additionally, the high-fiber content can help you feel fuller longer, reducing overall calorie intake.

Is a vegan keto diet safe for people with certain health conditions like diabetes?

While a vegan keto diet can help improve blood sugar control, it’s crucial to talk to a healthcare provider before starting any new diet, especially if you have a chronic health condition like diabetes.

Are there any side effects of a vegan keto diet?

Some people may experience the “keto flu,” a collection of symptoms like headache, fatigue, and nausea when first starting a keto diet. This is typically temporary as your body adjusts to burning fat for energy. Staying hydrated and replenishing electrolytes can help.

Will I need to count calories on a vegan keto diet?

While it’s not necessary to count calories, it’s important to understand the macronutrient composition of your meals. Keeping track of your carb intake is essential to stay in ketosis, and ensuring you’re getting enough fat and protein is also important.

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