Easy Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder Recipe for a Healthy Comfort Meal

Indulge in Comfort with Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder

Imagine a creamy, comforting soup that aligns perfectly with your keto lifestyle. That’s exactly what you get with this Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder. A low-carb version of the classic New England favorite, this chowder is a delectable blend of tender clams and aromatic vegetables, swimming in a rich, velvety broth that’s both nourishing and satisfying.

Perfect for a cozy night in or a hearty family dinner, this chowder is designed to please your palate without compromising your dietary goals. Rich in healthy fats and packed with flavor, it’s a guilt-free indulgence that will leave you feeling full and content. Let’s dive into the world of keto cooking with this sumptuous seafood delight.

Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder

The Origins and Keto Benefits of This Clam Chowder

This Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder is more than just a meal; it’s a culinary journey. Inspired by the traditional New England clam chowder, this recipe has been reimagined for the keto diet. By substituting high-carb ingredients like potatoes with low-carb alternatives such as cauliflower, we’ve created a soup that’s both comforting and compliant with a keto lifestyle.

One of the key ingredients in this chowder is cauliflower, a versatile vegetable that’s low in carbs but high in fiber and vitamins. It provides the perfect texture replacement for potatoes, ensuring that every spoonful is as hearty as the original. The use of heavy cream adds to the richness of the dish, providing healthy fats that are essential for maintaining ketosis.

Another keto-friendly ingredient is xanthan gum, a gluten-free thickener that gives the chowder its signature creamy consistency without adding any unnecessary carbs. The inclusion of canned clams not only offers convenience but also ensures a good dose of protein, making this dish balanced and nutritious.

Every ingredient has been carefully selected to create a harmony of flavors while keeping the carb count low. This chowder is a testament to the fact that following a keto diet doesn’t mean sacrificing taste or comfort in your meals.

Ingredients for Keto Clam Chowder

Mastering the Method for Perfect Keto Clam Chowder

Creating the perfect Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder is all about technique and timing. Start by gently melting the butter in your Dutch oven, which will serve as the base for sautéing your onions and celery. This initial step is crucial for building flavor, so be patient and allow the vegetables to become translucent without rushing.

When you introduce the riced cauliflower, it’s important to cook it until it begins to soften, but not so much that it becomes mushy. The goal is to mimic the texture of diced potatoes traditionally found in clam chowder. As you add the garlic, be mindful of its cooking time; it should become fragrant, indicating it’s perfectly sautéed without burning.

The art of thickening the chowder with xanthan gum requires a steady hand. Whisking constantly while sprinkling the gum prevents lumps and ensures a smooth, even consistency. Remember, when you add the heavy cream, the soup should be warm but not boiling, to avoid curdling. Finally, adding the clams at the end preserves their delicate texture and flavor.

These additional chef’s tips will elevate your chowder from good to great. By paying attention to the details and respecting the cooking process, you’ll create a chowder that’s sure to impress.

Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder Cooking

Variations to Spice Up Your Keto Clam Chowder

Spicy Keto Clam Chowder

For those who enjoy a bit of heat, consider adding a dash of cayenne pepper or diced jalapeños to your chowder. The spice will complement the richness of the cream and add an exciting kick to each bite.

Seafood Medley Keto Chowder

Expand the seafood variety by incorporating shrimp, scallops, or even chunks of fish. This not only adds different textures and flavors but also increases the protein content, making for a more filling meal.

Bacon-Infused Keto Clam Chowder

Bacon adds a smoky depth to the chowder that’s irresistible. Fry some bacon until crisp, crumble it, and sprinkle on top just before serving for an extra layer of flavor and a satisfying crunch.

Substitutions for Your Keto Clam Chowder

Understanding that not everyone has access to the same ingredients, here are some keto-friendly substitutions that can be made without compromising the integrity of the dish:

Coconut Cream: For those who are dairy-intolerant or following a paleo diet, coconut cream can be a great alternative to heavy cream. It will add a slight coconut flavor but will maintain the creamy texture you desire.

Almond Flour: If xanthan gum is not available, almond flour can be used as a thickener. While it may not be as powerful as xanthan gum, it can still help achieve a thicker consistency.

Chicken or Vegetable Broth: If you prefer not to use chicken broth or have dietary restrictions, vegetable broth can be used as a substitute. It will still provide a flavorful base for your chowder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make this chowder dairy-free?
Yes, you can substitute heavy cream with coconut cream to make this chowder dairy-free while still maintaining a creamy texture.

Is this chowder gluten-free?
Yes, this Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder is gluten-free. Xanthan gum is used as a thickener instead of flour, making it suitable for those with gluten sensitivities.

Can I use fresh clams instead of canned?
Absolutely! Fresh clams can be used but will require additional preparation and cooking time. Be sure to clean them thoroughly and cook until they open.

How long can I store leftovers?
Leftover chowder can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat gently on the stove or in the microwave.

Can I freeze this chowder?
It’s not recommended to freeze this chowder due to the heavy cream, which may separate upon thawing. For best results, enjoy it fresh or store in the refrigerator as mentioned above.

Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder

This Keto Dutch Oven Clam Chowder is a creamy, comforting soup that's perfect for anyone following a low-carb, high-fat diet. Packed with tender clams, aromatic vegetables, and a rich, velvety broth, it's a delectable twist on the classic New England favorite without the added carbs.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Course Dinner
Cuisine American
Servings 6 people
Calories 309 kcal


  • Dutch oven
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Whisk


  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 2 stalks celery, diced
  • 1 medium cauliflower head, riced
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 24 ounces canned clams, with juice
  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 tsp xanthan gum
  • bay leaf
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Fresh parsley, chopped for garnish (optional)


  • Heat the Dutch oven over medium heat and melt the butter.
  • Add the onion and celery, sautéing until they become translucent, about 5 minutes.
  • Stir in the riced cauliflower and cook for an additional 5 minutes until it begins to soften.
  • Add the minced garlic and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute.
  • Drain the juice from the canned clams into the pot, setting the clams aside.
  • Pour in the chicken broth and bring the mixture to a simmer.
  • Sprinkle xanthan gum over the simmering liquid, whisking constantly to avoid lumps.
  • Add the bay leaf and season with salt and pepper. Simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Lower the heat and stir in the heavy cream. Heat through without boiling.
  • Add the reserved clams and heat for an additional 5 minutes.
  • Remove the bay leaf before serving.
  • Serve hot, garnished with fresh parsley if desired.


For a thicker chowder, allow the soup to simmer for an additional 10-15 minutes to reduce further.
If you prefer a chunkier texture, consider adding diced turnips or radishes along with the cauliflower.
Always adjust seasoning to taste and consider adding a dash of smoked paprika or cayenne pepper for a hint of spice.


Calories: 309kcalCarbohydrates: 13gProtein: 14gFat: 22gFiber: 5gNet Carbs: 8g
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