15 Easy Keto Desserts

Considering sugar is a no-no on a keto diet, it can be a challenge to make keto desserts. However, with new sweeteners such as erythritol, monkfruit, and stevia it’s easy enough to make an array of cakes, cookies, and desserts, which are all keto-friendly.

There’s even sugar-free chocolate with minimal net carbs, so even chocoholics can enjoy a keto diet. 

The good news with keto is that heavy cream, butter, nuts, and full-fat cream cheese is perfect for this diet. That means you can make delicious creamy desserts such as Creme Brulee that would have been out-of-bounds on other diets

And you can whip these desserts up in minutes. You can also bake delicious cakes and cookies with butter, sweetener, and almond or coconut flour. There are also fruity desserts such as crumbles, mousses, cheesecake. Here’s our round up of the 15 best easy keto desserts.

When a sweet craving strikes, nothing else will do. Many of these desserts are made in five to ten minutes or less, and with store cupboard ingredients.

To enjoy keto-friendly desserts make sure you invest in a low carb sweetener and you can make virtually any dessert you like. If these desserts have you in the mood for baking, then be sure to check out our 15 Best Keto Bread Recipes.