Heavenly Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola: Unleash Gourmet Flavors at Home

A Delightful Keto Delicacy: Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola

Embarking on a keto journey doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor for health. Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola is a testament to the culinary delights that await in a low-carb lifestyle. This dish combines the saltiness of prosciutto with the creamy tang of Gorgonzola cheese, all while keeping the carbs in check. It’s a perfect appetizer or side dish that’s not only keto-friendly but also a crowd-pleaser.

As you sink your teeth into the crispy prosciutto and savor the tender asparagus, you’ll appreciate the harmonious blend of flavors. This recipe is a brilliant way to introduce greens into your diet without compromising on taste or texture. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or looking for a quick and nutritious side, this dish is sure to impress.

Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola

Why Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola is a Keto Favorite

There’s something about the combination of fresh vegetables and rich, savory flavors that makes for an unforgettable meal. This Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola recipe is more than just a dish; it’s a celebration of what the keto diet can offer. The key to its success lies in the balance of high-quality, keto-friendly ingredients that are both nutritious and satisfying.

Asparagus, the star of the show, is a low-carb vegetable packed with fiber, vitamins A, C, E, K, and antioxidants. It pairs beautifully with the high-fat content of both the prosciutto and Gorgonzola, aligning perfectly with the keto diet’s macronutrient ratios. Prosciutto, a thinly sliced Italian dry-cured ham, adds a luxurious touch without the carb load, while Gorgonzola, a blue cheese with a bold flavor, brings a creamy contrast that elevates the dish.

Each ingredient has been chosen not only for its flavor but also for its ability to support a state of ketosis. The moderate protein from the prosciutto and the healthy fats from the Gorgonzola cheese ensure that you stay full and energized. This dish is a testament to the versatility and creativity that keto cooking offers, proving that you can enjoy gourmet flavors while maintaining your dietary goals.

Ingredients for Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola

Mastering the Method for Perfect Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Creating this dish is an art that requires attention to detail and a touch of culinary finesse. Here are some chef’s tips to ensure your Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola turns out perfectly every time:

Tip 1: When preparing the asparagus, make sure to snap off the woody ends to ensure every bite is tender. Use a vegetable peeler to lightly shave the lower part of the stems for even cooking.

Tip 2: Achieving the perfect wrap with the prosciutto is crucial. Lay the strip on a flat surface and gently press down to slightly stretch it. This will make it easier to wrap around the asparagus without tearing.

Tip 3: When seasoning the asparagus, go light on the salt. The prosciutto and Gorgonzola are both naturally salty, so a little goes a long way. Instead, focus on adding flavors that complement, such as garlic powder and black pepper.

Tip 4: Don’t overcrowd your baking sheet. Spacing the wrapped asparagus apart allows the hot air to circulate, ensuring the prosciutto crisps up beautifully. Use a wire rack on top of the baking sheet for even more airflow and crispiness.

Tip 5: Keep an eye on the oven as the asparagus bakes. The difference between perfectly crisp and overdone can be a matter of minutes. Start checking at the 10-minute mark to ensure the asparagus is cooked to your liking.

Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola Ready to Serve

Variations to Spice Up Your Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus with Feta

Swap out the prosciutto for bacon and the Gorgonzola for feta cheese for a twist on the classic. The bacon adds a smoky flavor, while the feta brings a tangy kick.

Herb-Infused Asparagus with Goat Cheese

Before wrapping, sprinkle the asparagus with a mix of Italian herbs. Replace Gorgonzola with goat cheese for a milder, creamy texture.

Spicy Asparagus with Pepper Jack

Add a spicy twist by brushing the asparagus with a little chili oil before wrapping. Top with pepper jack cheese for a melty, spicy kick.

Substitutions for Dietary Needs and Preferences

While this recipe is keto-friendly, you may have other dietary needs or preferences. Here are some substitutions to keep the dish low-carb:

Prosciutto: For a less fatty option, try thinly sliced turkey or chicken breast. These leaner meats are still low in carbs but offer a different flavor profile.

Gorgonzola: If blue cheese isn’t your thing, try shredded mozzarella or cheddar. Both melt well and are keto-friendly, offering a more neutral flavor.

Asparagus: Green beans make a great alternative to asparagus. They’re similarly low in carbs and can be wrapped and cooked in the same way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make this dish ahead of time? Yes, you can prepare the wrapped asparagus and store it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours before baking.
Is this recipe gluten-free? Yes, all ingredients are naturally gluten-free, making it suitable for those with gluten sensitivities.
How do I store leftovers? Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days. Reheat in the oven for best texture.
Can I use frozen asparagus? It’s best to use fresh asparagus for this recipe, as frozen can become too limp when baked.
What can I serve with this dish? This dish pairs well with grilled meats or a fresh salad for a complete keto meal.


Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola

This Keto Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Gorgonzola is a delectable fusion of savory and creamy flavors paired with a delightful crunch. Perfect for those on a ketogenic diet, it's a dish that promises to tantalize your taste buds while keeping carbs at bay. Enjoy these bundles of joy as an appetizer or a side to your favorite keto-friendly main course.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4 servings
Calories 200 kcal


  • Baking sheet
  • Parchment paper or silicone mat
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Small bowl
  • Pastry brush


  • 16 medium asparagus spears, trimmed about 1 pound / 450g
  • 8 slices prosciutto about 4 ounces / 113g
  • ½ cup Gorgonzola cheese, crumbled about 2 ounces / 56g
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil 15ml
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper 2g
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder 1g
  • ¼ teaspoon salt 1g, or to taste


  • Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat for easy cleanup.
  • Wash the asparagus and pat dry. Trim the woody ends by snapping the bottom inch or so off each spear.
  • Cut the prosciutto slices in half lengthwise to make 16 long strips.
  • In a small bowl, mix together the olive oil, black pepper, garlic powder, and salt.
  • Brush the asparagus spears lightly with the seasoned olive oil.
  • Wrap each asparagus spear with a strip of prosciutto, starting from the bottom and spiraling up to just below the tip.
  • Arrange the wrapped asparagus on the prepared baking sheet in a single layer, ensuring they do not touch.
  • Sprinkle the crumbled Gorgonzola evenly over the wrapped asparagus.
  • Bake in the preheated oven for 12-15 minutes, or until the prosciutto is crisp and the asparagus is tender.
  • Remove from the oven and let cool for a couple of minutes before serving.


For a vegetarian version, replace prosciutto with a thin slice of eggplant or zucchini, and use a vegetarian cheese instead of Gorgonzola.
Adjust the baking time if you have thicker asparagus spears, as they may take longer to cook.
If you prefer your asparagus with a bit of crunch, check for doneness at the 10-minute mark.
Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days and are delicious served cold or reheated in the oven.


Calories: 200kcalCarbohydrates: 5gProtein: 12gFat: 15gFiber: 2gNet Carbs: 3g
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